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Comprehensive Prenatal Care for Chicago-Area Mothers-to-Be

Prenatal care is preventative healthcare focused on providing regular check-ups during a pregnancy to ensure the health of both the mother and the unborn child. Our highly experienced board-certified obstetrician at All Women’s Medical Center provides comprehensive prenatal care for Chicago-area mothers-to-be as part of our obstetrics services. During your regular prenatal check-ups, we’ll monitor physiological and biological changes to your body, often providing recommendations for healthy lifestyle changes and improvements, including prenatal nutrition and vitamins. Proper prenatal care has been linked to the reduction of maternal deaths, miscarriages, birth defects, and other preventable health issues.

doctor with stethoscope on pregnant woman's stomach

What Happens During a Prenatal Care Check-Up?

During the first trimester, your prenatal care check-ups will mostly be used to determine your due date, measure your height and weight, listen to your heart and lungs, and to perform blood tests, a pelvic exam or pap smear to check your cervix for any signs of sexual infections, and a breast exam to check for any breast or nipple concerns. During your second trimester, an ultrasound should provide you with the first visual of your developing baby. During your third trimester, we’ll begin to monitor your blood pressure more closely, as well as keep an eye on signs of proteins or sugars in your urine, which may indicate gestational diabetes, which could increase your risks for a complicated pregnancy. We’ll continue to measure your height and weight, as well as measure your uterus and listen for any changes or abnormalities in your growing baby’s heartbeat.

How Often Should I Come in for Prenatal Care?

There’s no magical number of prenatal care check-ups that are recommended for every patient at All Women’s Medical Center. Every patient and pregnancy are different, and we customize your prenatal care accordingly. Traditional prenatal care may consist of monthly visits during your first two trimesters, with weekly visits occurring closer to your due date. However, women who are considered to be a high-risk pregnancy may want to visit us more often to monitor their baby’s development and to avoid future complications. Please contact us today to discuss your prenatal care needs in the Chicagoland area. Your health – and that of your unborn child – are very important to us.

Same-Day & Sunday Appointments Available