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Empowering Chicago Women with Annual Well-Woman Exams

Coming in for an annual well-woman exam can be empowering for our Chicago-area patients. Early detection and treatment of many female reproductive issues, including breast and cervical cancer, may mean the difference between life and death. Take charge of your health with regular visits to our gynecologist. During your annual well-woman exam at All Women’s Medical Center, we’ll assess your health thoroughly, which may include a breast, pelvic and rectal exam. A Pap smear (cervical cancer prevention screening), and other diagnostic screenings to check your hormone levels, and cholesterol for issues such as diabetes or a thyroid disorder will also be performed. Generally speaking, the sooner we identify likely issues with your health, the better the prognosis. We firmly believe in educating women about their bodies.

Well-Woman Exam In The Chicago Area

A Few Words on the Importance of Well-Woman Exams

Although breast and pelvic exams may be awkward and even mildly discomforting for many patients, we cannot stress their importance enough. Your annual well-woman exam gives you valuable one-on-one time with your doctor to bring up and discuss many female reproductive health issues. Many patients aren’t even aware that they could be experiencing minor symptoms pointing to something far bigger and potentially life-threatening. Frequent visits allow you to examine genetic and lifestyle risks that could affect your future. Well-woman exams are recommended for women 21 and over or whenever you start becoming sexually active. Many insurance providers cover the cost of annual well-woman exams as part of preventative care. Please contact us with any questions about insurance coverage.

Schedule Your Next Annual Well-Woman Exam Today

Because we understand you have a hectic schedule but wish to make staying on top of your health a priority this year, we have weekend appointments available upon request. Should you ever have any questions or concerns regarding our well-woman exams in the Chicago area, please don’t hesitate to contact All Women’s Medical Center to schedule an appointment. Taking a vested interest in every patient, your health is always our top concern here. Many patients understand the necessity of well-woman exams but end up missing their appointment anyway. Make an investment in you and keep up with your well-woman exams at our Chicagoland clinic because you’re well worth it!

Same-Day & Sunday Appointments Available