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Prescribing Birth Control Pills for Chicago-Area Women

All Women’s Medical Center provides prescriptions for birth control pills to Chicago-area women of all ages. Many women seeking to avoid an unwanted pregnancy rely on prescribed birth control pills as their preferred method of contraceptive control. Birth control pills, also referred to as a type of hormonal contraceptive, are taken daily and work by preventing the fertilization process. A type of oral medication containing female hormones, birth control pills prevent ovulation, meaning there’s no egg produced in your ovaries every month. If you aren’t producing any eggs for sperm to fertilize, pregnancy can’t occur. Birth control pills also cause your cervix’s mucus to thicken, which also prevents sperm from being able to swim to your eggs (keeping fertilization from occurring).

Birth control pills on a table in Chicago, IL

Birth Control Pills Must Be Taken Every Day to Be Effective

For birth control pills to be effective, you must remember to take them every day. Forgetting to take a pill, losing your pack of pills, or not getting your prescription filled on time are all reasons why someone might end up getting pregnant despite being on the birth control pill. We recommend you commit to taking your birth control pill at roughly the same time every day to help you remember. You could also set a smartphone reminder or ask your partner to help you remember. It should be noted that while birth control pills are beneficial for preventing unplanned pregnancies, they do not help prevent sexually transmitted diseases and infections.

Have Questions About Birth Control Pills? Contact Us Today!

You need a doctor’s prescription for birth control pills, which usually come in a 21- or 28-day supply. In addition to helping prevent unwanted pregnancies, they also help regulate your menstruation cycle. Birth control pills are usually effective in the first month. Some patients experience minor side effects from taking birth control pills, which may include lighter periods, mood changes, weight gain, or spotting in-between periods. Do you have questions about birth control pills in the Chicago area? All Women’s Medical Center would be more than happy to answer them! Schedule an appointment for a consultation at our women’s clinic to begin discussing your birth control needs today!

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